Tuesday, 30 June 2015

When I grow up I want this cool house

 lThis is the back of our house Joseph and I are in charge of the house. Luca Joseph me Thorvin and Jesse and tyzell are going to live in it. We are going to have three dogs.

This is our games room it looks really cool

This is our workout room it is very important to workout 

This is our dogs room it is very cute 

This is my dog Skala she is a red heller

This is my other dog charlotte she is a blue heller

This is Joseph's dog ruby she is a German shepherd 

This is my garage my cars I'm getting are a trana Lamborghini Ferrari camaro ss buggy Holden club sport

This is our spa we will be in it a lot of the time 

This is our dog kenel 

We are going to have a big section with horses on it

This is our kitchen 

This is my bedroom 

This is the front of our house we are going to make it bigger 

This is the traona 

This is the lamborghin 

This is the fish tank we are getting 

My rzr

This is the best room 

This is the boat we are going to have 

This is my fast go kart 

The 4x4 track 

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  1. Great to have such awesome goals for the future Caleb! I have no doubt you will make it! I am looking forward to seeing some more of your learning on the blog :) Have a great holiday!